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1. How can I get my Nominations Sponsored for the Training ?

Nominations for any Training program should be sponsored through the controlling officer.
Ex; HoDs, CEO of ZP, DC, Principals, etc,.
Candidates should not submit the nomination directly to ATI.

2. How can I get my Nomination Confirmed?

Usually, the nominations sponsored by the controlling officers are deemed to be confirmed unless otherwise communicated. Nominated Officers will get confirmation letter from the concerned Course Director.

3. Can I opt any of the training offered by ATI or should I exercise any option?

Usually, the controlling officers sponsor the officer for training according to their need and priority. However, officers can request their HOds to sponsor them for any of the listed programs of their choice.

4. Do I have to Pay any Fee for undergoing training in ATI?

No Fees is to be paid for any program conducted in ATI except for ToT courses. A fee of Rs. 200/- per day is charged for ToT courses. All the participants staying in the officers Hostel have to pay Rs. 30/- per day as Lodging charges. No Boarding charges are levied on the Participants.

5. Is Computer Training available in ATI?

Yes. Basic Computer Training is given to officers who want to learn the Computer operation. Courses are conducted on Basic applications like Windows, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

6. Any advanced computer Training available in ATI?

Yes. Programs like MS Access, Internet and Web Page Creation, Network Management, Linux, etc are conducted form those with Basic Knowledge of Computers.

7. Who pays TA and DA for attending Training in ATI?

TA and DA has to be borned by the concerned Departments only.

8. Can I enroll for DTS and DoT, MoT, RU programs directly?

No. If it is a DoPT, New Delhi sponsored program, applications are to be sent to DoPT, Training Division, New Delhi a copy marked to ATI. On DoPT confirming the nomination you can attend that program.

9. Can any officials use ATI Library after the training is over?

During the Training period, all trainees will become a temporary member of ATI library. They can refer and borrow books during the Training Period. Before getting relieved from training they have to return the Books.
If any offiocials are interested to become a regular member of ATI library, they have to pay a Deposit to ATI and a letter from the controlling officer is a must. Details can be had from the Chief Librarian in ATI Library.

10. Are there any On Line / Distance Learning Training Programs available in ATI?

Right now there are no such programs. However, courses on Pension, Right to Information, Duties and Responsibilities of Drawing Disbursing officers, Windows and MS Office, MS Excel, MS Access will be made available through Internet and Distance Learning modes shortly.

11. Whom should I contact in ATI for any clarifications and information?

For any information on Training, Please contact the Joint Director (Training), ATI, Mysore through
Phone: 0821-2443839
Fax: 0821-2523899
E-mail: dgatim@yahoo.com

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