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(KIH) K.Iqbal Hussain
Joint Director
M.Sc, KAS Senior Scale
Area of Specialization: ToT(RU DTS and DoT) and Management
e-mail : jdadm-ati-kamy@kar.nic.in

(RNK) R.N.Kumar
Faculty(Behavior Science)
Master in Psychology
Area of Specialization: Organizational Behavior, Industrial Relations
Qualified Psychometricen from Psychological Assessment Resource, U.S.A
e-mail : fbs-ati-kamy@kar.nic.in

(SM) S.Mahadevaiah
Faculty (Economics and Planning)
M.A., K A S Senior Scale
Area of Specialization: General Administration and HRD
e-mail : fdti-ati-kamy@kar.nic.in

(NM) Dr.Navitha Thimmaiah
Faculty(Economics and Planning)
M.A, PhD
Area of Specialization: Quantitative Methods, Econometrics
Doctoral Thesis on "World Bank Assistance & Economic Dev. of Karnataka"
e-mail : fep-ati-kamy@kar.nic.in

(RSR) R.S.RajaGopal Rao
Joint Director
B.Sc, L.L.B K.A.S Senior Scale
Area of Specialization: Government Administration, HRD & Management
e-mail : jdtrg-ati-kamy@kar.nic.in

(GMS) G.M.Sarveswara
Faculty (Women Studies)
Master of Social Work
Area of Specialization: Gender Relations, Social Sector, ICDS Women Empowerment,
Health, Rural Development and NGOs.
e-mail : fws-ati-kamy@kar.nic.in

(CRS) C.R. Shankaracharya
Senior Programmer
M.Stats, CIC, M.C.A, Directorate of IT & BT
Area of Specialization: Information Technology and Programming, Software Development
e-mail : sp-ati-kamy@kar.nic.in

(HPS) H.P.Shiva Shankar
Faculty (Public Administration)
M.SW, LL.B. Dpl in Jrnls ,Women & Child Development Department. Senior Scale
Area of Specialization: Social service, Disability Management, HRD, and Child Labor
e-mail : fpa2-ati-kamy@kar.nic.in

(MS) M.Sreedevi
Faculty (Law)
L.L.B, Judicial Service
Area of Specialization: Court Procedure, Right to Information Act
e-mail : fl-ati-kamy@kar.nic.in

(KS) K.Srinivas
Faculty (Public Administration-1)
Area of Specialization: Service Rules
e-mail : fpa1-ati-kamy@kar.nic.in

(SAP) Dr. Syed Ajmal Pasha
Faculty (Development Economics and Planning)
M.A, PhD.
Area of Specialization: Rural Development, Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics
Forestry, CPRs Rural Diversification, Planning, Issues related to urban growth.

Administrative Training Institute
Lalita Mahal Road, Mysore 570 011
Phone : Director General 2520906
            2522142, 2443264, 2443839
Fax : 0821-2523899
E-Mail : dgatim@yahoo.com, jdadm-ati-kamy@kar.nic.in
Website : www.atimysore.gov.in


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